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Arts Drawing Competition at Angkor National Museum


Aimed to inspire the young Khmer generations desire to love and protect Khmer arts, culture and especially the National Heritage which is the source of the Khmer golden civilization during the ancient times, Angkor National Museum has performed one of its most important missions. By working actively in cooperation with junior high schools in Siem Reap to provide the chance to students who are talented in drawing to participate in a project called "Art Drawing Competition". This project was part of the vision of Angkor National Museum, a center which assembles, conserves and exhibits more than 1300 artifacts of the pre-Angkorian to post Angkorian era. It is necessary for not only foreign and local visitors, but also youths to tour and learn on the history, culture, tradition, customs and religion of the Khmer empire. The project took place from 11th June to 13th June, 2012, under the coordination and leadership of Mr. Yok Pathormath- Office Assistant to the Managing Director and Mr. Ven Sophorn- Chief Curator.


Beyond receiving reward gifts, "Art Drawing Competition" project has enhanced the students in gaining comprehensive knowledge from the artifacts exhibition with detailed explanation from experienced museum staff. The project consisted of 28 students (11 males and 17 females), including 10 students from Mittapheap Khmer-Japan Preah Innkosa Junior High School; 3 students from Doun Throh Junior High School; 4 students from Pourk Junior High School; and 11 students from Khnat Junior High School. Remarkably, before starting the drawing competition, the project leader and museum expert conducted a presentation on the background and function of the Angkor National Museum and also on the foundation of Khmer arts. They also led the students for individual visits inside the galleries of the museum to further explain the concept of exhibition and artifacts background.


The student thoroughly paid attention to the explanations, and furthermore, their drawings were of the artifacts they had seen, learned and studied from the exhibits of the Angkor National Museum.


As a result, we received three highly successful student submissions:

1st prize from Miss Chhong Chamroeun from Khnat Junior High School

2nd prize from Mr. Chhoeng Tuynuy from Khnat Junior High School

3rd prize from Miss Pen Malyneth from Mittapheap Khmer-Japan Preah Innkosa Junior High School.

The rewards given to the successful students were special souvenirs and cash to encourage them in their studies. On the other hand, Angkor National Museum also gave a variety of Souvenir gifts for the other students who participated in their drawings.


Although only three winners could be chosen, Angkor National Musueum is very proud of the accomplishments of all the student participants and holpes to see them further their knowledge in Khmer arts and culture!