Arts Drawing Competition at Angkor National Museum 2014


In pursuing and supporting its important visions and missions, Angkor National Museum has organized an educational awareness project in terms of cultural heritage promotion by working with junior high schools in the town of Siem Reap aiming to provide chances for students who are talented in drawing, to participate in the project so called "Arts Drawing Competition." the project took place from 29th May to 30th May, 2014 led by Mr. Yok Pathormath, Assistant to Managing Director with close collaboration from Mr. Ven Sophorn, Curator.






The project consisted of 42 ( 27 males, 15 females ) including 6 students from Hun Sen Wat Svay Junior High School; 10 students from Preah Innkosa Junior High School; 10 students from Hun Sen Siem Reap Junior High School, 10 students from SOS Children Village and 6 students from Somdach Dejor Hun Sen Krus Junior High School. Principally, before starting the drawing competition, the project leader and museum curator conducted a presentation on the background and functions of the Angkor National Museum and also on the foundation of Khmer arts. They also led the students for visiting inside the galleries of the museum to further explain the concepts of exhibition and artifacts background.




The participated students have excitingly enjoyed benefits from the "Arts Drawing Competition” project, not only reward gifts, but the project has provided them extensive understanding on the artifacts collection and its related histories with detailed explanation. The students thoroughly paid attention to the explanations, and furthermore, their drawings were of the artifacts they had seen, learned and studied from the exhibits of the ANM.


Finally, the project found three highly successful students i.e.




 -1st prize given to Mr. Chap Borak from Preh Innkosa Junior High School: bike cycle + 200,000Riel + stationeries


 2nd place of Art Drawing Competition


 - 2nd prize given to Mr. Ouy Sophat from Preh Innkosa Junior High School: bike cycle + 150,000Riel + stationeries



 3rd place of Art Drawing Competition


- 3rd prize given to Mr. Koeng Rithy from Hun Sen Siem reap Junior High School: bike cycle + 80,000Riel + stationeries


The above prizes were given to motivate their studies and enhance further efforts. On the other hands, ANM also gave other participated students a variety of Souvenir gifts for their incentives such as set of pencil colors, stationeries, reading book, and ANM bulletin.

                                                                              Group Picture


Though the competition policy was to select only three winners amongst the students, but we are very proud of the efforts and accomplishments of all the participants and wish to see them in other chances!