A Mystery of World Astro-Archaeological Architecture, Including Angkor


This project was a very important part of the vision of the world-class Angkor National Museum, an aesthetic and cultural landmark. Objectives of the talk were to enrich awareness of culture, history, and other related topics and to gather scholars and local community together in sharing and commitment.


The project took place on March 14, 2014. It was organized by the ANM under the coordination and leadership of Mr. YokPathormath, assistant to the Managing Director of ANM, Mr. VenSophorn, Curator of ANM, and Dr. William Gutsch, Distinguished Professor of the College of Arts & Sciences at Saint Peter’s University (outside of New York City).


The "Special Talk" allowed attendeesto gain comprehensive knowledge on ancient Khmer astronomy and archaeology through explanationsby the Curator and Distinguished Professor. Presentations included Angkor civilization’s link with astrology, i.e. how past people understood, interpreted, and used observation of celestial phenomena and what role the cosmos played in their cultures. The audience consisted of 48 people, including 36 tour guides, two archaeologists, six community members, andfour tourists.