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In a vision of inspiring further education of Khmer heritage and history, Angkor National Museum established in 2009 a charity project called Learning Experience With Angkor National Museum. Every year, ANM conducts activities in relation to the project; for instance, ANM approached schools in Siem Reap this year to present the project and explain thebenefitsfor schoolteachers inparticipating with the project. This year’s project took place on June 11-12, 2015 under the coordination and leadership of Mr. Yok Pathormath and Mr. Ven Sophorn.


Good communication and strong support from school management resulted in 35 teachers from schools around Siem Reap attending the event at the world-class ANM Museum. They were fascinated and impressed when listening and learning about their own culture through Power Point presentations and touring the galleries with exclusive explanations by ANM’s distinguished staff. This project is part of the ANM vision, which is centered on assembling, conserving, and exhibiting more than 1,300 genuine artifacts reflecting ancient Khmer civilization. 


This outcome of this year’s program was very fruitful, as evidenced by teachers’ comments admiring such an educational project and how it conveys the values of their culture and heritages to the community and academic society. With more students/teachers coming to visit the museum, ANM definitely stands strong as an educational venue in terms of culture and history.