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Angkor National Museum has conducted a special educational programme under the Learning Experience with ANM project entitled Tour Guide Seminar Training. The seminar took place on July 13th and 20th 2017 at Angkor National Museum. This project generally happens every year and provides a significant offering for Tour Guides in Siem Reap.


The programme aims to enhance public awareness about Khmer culture and civilization, primarily focusing on strengthening knowledge of Khmer art and history reflective of Khmer civilization in the ancient Golden Era. The seminar attracted 76 Tour Guides, who attended the training.


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The programme provided lessons in both theory and practice on the Golden Era which Included:


    .   A brief Introduction to Angkor National Museum

    .   Gallery of 1000 Buddha images

    .   Gallery A: Khmer Civilization

    .   Gallery B: Religion and Beliefs

    .   Gallery C: The Great Khmer Kings

    .   Gallery D: Angkor Wat

    .   Gallery E: Angkor Thom

    .   Gallery F: Story from Stones

    .   Gallery G: Ancient Costume 

    .   Practice on site with extensive explanation


This educational programme has been successfully completed. All the participating Tour Guides were very interested in the topics and in learning about Khmer art, culture, and history. They will in turn educate visitors from all over the world that come to visit the Angkor temples and Angkor National Museum about the Khmer Golden Era and its civilization.