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I stood quietly in front of the mound and stared into the distance, as if I was thinking of her. What kind of mood is that, the inner heart is being torn, why do you leave like this, I hate myself. In the past, it was only memorable, so let the time stay there. I am a very devil who relies on people. At that time, I was very naughty. I wouldn��t do anything myself. I feel like you are there. I don��t need anything. Being willful is my shadow, and you are always sheltering for me. At first I was a darling Cigarettes For Sale, the most eye-catching pearl in your eyes. I hate your embarrassment. You remind me to get up every day. I will tell me to eat. Sometimes I will remind me to wear more clothes. I feel that I am a selfish person. These ordinary little things, without your love, I can complete the magic wheel of my own time, then I backed up the school bag you gave me early, I still intend. You always put me in the first position, I know that you must put my clothes together, and I have checked my daily necessities many times, like stealing my privacy. But you see my eyes are still so care, and I am still the same light Marlboro Gold... Before I am ready to walk, you will sternly swear at me, pay attention to safety on the road, I will smile at you, you are still familiar, just good There are more wrinkles in the corner of the eye, mother. I seem to have a dream, I feel that you are still by my side, you are a child Newport 100S, you are really worried..." At this time, you are lying on the bed and telling me. You are still so concerned about me, this is The last sentence you said to me. I still hope that I can be willful, but for me it is a luxury. If it is you, I just want to tell you that you are still in my heart. Line, wandering clothes. The line is tightly stitched, and the fear is delayed. Who is the heart of the grass, reported San Chunhuin to kill a pig Marlboro Lights, a half of the pork, and the other half was converted into money. In such a day, the peasant farmer was too busy to go to 1986. I was basically finished when I was admitted to the teacher. In the classroom, there is a chalk dust, which is muddy in the production area, and it is like a day. ... As a result, the production area and student achievement are both good. For example, the primary school students I taught at the brigade school were also talented. Now the principal of a township in the original five districts is my student at the time, and the teaching director of a middle school in Xingwen (he graduated from junior high school and entered the county where he was transferred to his lover) It is also the class Wholesale Cigarettes, the others are not exemplified, no matter how tired, how busy, how to busy teaching in the classroom, busy farming in the production area, rushed all day. But there is hope in the heart, everything is happy!
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Samuel Dew
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