Audio Tour Set No. 312 Location at ANM: Exclusive Gallery: 1000 Buddha

1. Artifact's name: Buddha sheltered by Naga

2. Period: Late 12th –early 13th century Style: Bayon

3. Provenance: ____________________________

4. Historical background and its remark
In the course of the seven weeks that followed the attainment of full enlightenment, a torrential rainstorm was unleashed for an entire week. Muchalinda, king of the serpents, emerged and protected the master's meditation with his body's coil and his outspread hood. This statue called a “Meditating Buddha Sheltered by Naga” (named Muchalinda) is associated with this event and is dear to Khmer arts (Angkorian period) popularly found in Baphoun, Angkor Wat and Bayon styles (from 11th - early 13th century).

Significantly on this impressive image, both hands form the Dhyana Mudra (meditation gesture), palms facing upward with the right hand over the left. Additionally, the headdress is completely changed and developed from the past, as we observed in the pre-Angkorian era, where the headdress was made up of the traditional spiral curves, but the hair here was gathered in neatly braided tresses and conical Ushnisha, a cranial protuberance.

However, this statue is unadorned, except for the headdress and conical Ushnisha decorated in a lotus bud shape. The bust that appears here is difficult to imagine the garment covering the torso, but there are some traces remaining on the body. The sculptor seems to indicate the garment is clinging to the body. This statue is well proportioned and has beautifully carved detailed Naga scales upon his three coils and seven heads.