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Day bag with knot

Title Day bag with knot
Color Black, Blue, Fushia , Grey ,Orange , Plum , Red

Pillow krong

Title  Pillow krong
Color  Black, Red+Fushia, Beig+ Sand

Evening bag with pure silver threads

Title Evening bag with pure silver threads
Color Black , Grey , Orange , Red

Triangle bag with rose wood button

Title  Triangle bag with rose wood button 
Color  Black, Blue, Red, Fushia,Orange, Grey,Plum,Tuquoise, Kabstang,Purple,Beige,Sand  Color

Hammock Bag

Title  Hammock Bag
Color  Black,Sand,Mix Colors,Kabstang

Psa Bag

Title  Psa Bag 
Color  Beige, Mix color and Dark Red

BG-JJ Bag Big

Title  BG-JJ Bag Big
Color  white, Black and Red 

Hol Cushion Cover

Title  Hol Cushion Cover 
Color  Blue, Brown and White

Krystel silk scarf

Title  Krystel silk scarf
Color  Chocolate and Green

Chorobab Silk Scarf

Title  Chorobab Silk Scarf
Color  Brown, Fushia