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Conservation and Restoration

Currently, there are over 1,300 pieces of artifact exhibited in the Angkor National Museum. All of the artifacts have been transferred from the Conservation d' Angkor and the National Museum in Phnom Penh. However, not all artifacts were in a good condition and not ready to display in the galleries at the beginning. Obviously, some artifacts left outside the compound of Conservation d' Angkor for long time due to the inadequate space inside the warehouse. Therefore, in order to preserve as well as to maintain the original beauty of the artifacts, the Angkor National Museum has established the Conservation and Restoration Workshop for enhancing artifacts preservation and restoration.

Under the supervision of Mr. Thlang Sakhoeun, there were over 300 artifacts have been restored in this workshop since the opening of the museum. The restoration work has been prioritized to the condition of each artifact and requirement of the exhibition. On the other hand, the timeline of the restoration is varied according to the type, dimension, and condition of artifacts. As experienced, some artifacts were taken
almost a year to be restored and the others required only a few months in average for restoration.