- Name of Artifact: Standing Vishnu
- Period: Angkorian Period (12th century)
- Style: Angkor Wat
- Material: Sandstone
- Inventory N°: C. A.k 419
- Location at ANM: Gallery B
- Number of element: 1 (5 elements assemble)
- Dimensions (cm): 65.5 x 29 x 19
The statue appears with four arms, holding the attributes and wearing the small pleated Sampot Chang Kbin above the knee (the end of Sampot fold over the left thigh). The head is decorated with a big diadem of conical miter.
- Observation:
- Surface: Dark-gray patina and dust.
- Structure:
This statue lost left earlobe, upper left and right hand, and both feet at the ankle
The left arm breaks into two pieces, right arm breaks at wrist, and the mace breaks into two pieces
- Intervention:
Dried-clean and water clean
Assemblage all the broken pieces by removable stainless steel pins (8mm in diameter) with Epoxy resin
Used iron-support at the armpit in order to balance the statue
Installed the statue on the sandstone pedestal by adding anvils which were made from resin to support both legs and the mace