- Name of Artifact: Buddha in Meditation
- Period: Post Bayon Period; Late 13th Century
- Material: Sandstone
- Inventory N°: C. A.k 381; 1796
- Location at ANM: Gallery E
- Number of element: 1 (5 elements assemble)
- Dimensions (cm): 107 x 79 x 58
The Meditated Buddha image seated on the square pedestal, sculpted with coiled-hair style and thin monastery cloth.

- Observation:
- Surface: The statue was covered by thick dusk and suffered by gray patina, black and red lacquer. Some parts of this statue were scaled off and there were some gold leads on the lips.
- Structure:
This status lost hair-bun, earlobes, thumb, right pointed finger, and both back-corner of pedestal.
The neck and right hand (at the shoulder and wrist) are broken. The status also scaled off some parts at the shin and at the back of the buttocks.
- Intervention:
Dried clean and water clean
Used Acrylic resin to strengthen the shin
Removed the iron traps
Replaced the previous iron-pin by removable stainless steel pin and attach by Epoxy resin
For esthetic of the artifact, the new nose was made by stucco (mixture with sand, grinding sandstone powder, shell- lime, Acrylic resin, and water color).
The stucco was also used to close the crack.